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Post Pics of your RX-7


2001 Maza 626 ES (Black)
I hate all of you. I would donate my left testicle for an Rx-7. I've wanted a new gen Rx-7 since.....1996. I was 8 years old, but still. I still want one, but i just don't have the money for the engine rebuild, let alone the car itself. (sad1)
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03' Mazda Protege 5
There are a few 3rd gen RX-7 owners on this forum, hopefully they will post some pics as well. Lookin good guys. I hope to have an RX-7 someday (sad2)


red wagon not included
lil white p5
i would take your ugly wheels off of your hands!! i have t II wheels that i want to swap out with something else. just haven't gotten around to it.

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