Post Pics of your Mazda2 / Demio


Feels good, man.
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Happy 1st Anniversary to me!

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I think this might be my first post here... I figured I can finally add a few pics of mine now that it is no longer stock. Nothing too crazy on it - racing beat springs, racing beat exhaust, TR CM1 wheels on 205 Rivals.

And a couple with my Miata, which has too much done to it to list.

I love your 2. I have a black one too, and I'm only waiting tires for my wheels. Any mods planned for the future?
Mazda 2 Sport 2012
I'm so late but heres mine, finally got eibach springs done today, I think that's all I want to do with the car.
All mods are in my signature pretty basic stuff.

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Damn, looking good. Are those 225s? And if so, what wheel width/offset is that? I really want 225's but I don't think I have enough clearance inboard up front.

Thanks! They're 15x8 wheels, +36 offset, with 205/50/R15 tires and H&R springs. The wheel is really close to the strut, maybe 1/4" or less of clearance. A 225 with an 8" wheel would be reeeeeally close. It would probably work well with a little narrower wheel but I can't say for sure.