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Post Pics of your Aftermarket Mazda5 Stereo Setups

2007 M5 Touring
Couldn't find an exclusive thread for this and since our CD changer is broken, going to replace with aftermarket double din something. Most likely just CD player w/bluetooth, USB, aux jack etc for us. Crutchfield has a few good choices for just $150...post pics of your aftermarket setups. Thanks.
2007 M5 Touring
Thank you. Nice 5 and a/v setup. I love those app receivers, definitely an option.
First time trying to use Google+ image link so here goes....

I'm using a Pioneer AppRadio 2.

Phone - Samsung Galaxy S4 - Stock rooted OS
Additional helpful software
- AppRadio Liberator (allows head-unit to mirror phone display and control phone via head-unit touchscreen.
- Car Launcher - Good launcher for use in the car.
- Screen Timeout - Dimes the screen automatically when connected to the radio to help save the battery.
- Multi Window Manager - Allows you to use any app with multiwindow instead of the three or four that come on the phone. Great for having navigation and Pandora running side by side.

I am NOT using the Pioneer AppRadio software on my phone. It sucks. I rarely use FM on the head-unit either. Almost always using Pandora or iHeart Radio when on the road.

2007 M5 Touring
Thanks X and Rod. Both excellent. Exactly what I was looking for in posting. Hopefully there are more to contribute as I'm still a ways from being able to do something.
2006 Mazda5 Touring
Whose dash kit are you guys using? Are you getting them from Crutchfield, or somewhere else? I have a Pioneer AVH3300DVD that was in my old Subaru. I wasn't really planning on putting it in the 5 but my mind is being changed by threads like this one. Now if i can just find a steering wheel control interface for it, i'll pull the trigger on the HU swap....
96 Escort GT,05 SRT4,1986 5.0 coupe
My dash kit came already installed on the radio. The only thing I dont like is, its not sat radio ready but it looks really close to what I call factory looking deck. I will have to add a tuner so I'm looking for one that I can hide easily. My package was delivered today:

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2006 Mazda5 Touring
That looks really nice! Is it a Rosen? Not sure I spelled that correctly. I am in a similar quandry with my XM Roady, I can run it through the Pioneer but where to put the damned thing...
96 Escort GT,05 SRT4,1986 5.0 coupe
The nav works good, I would say its comparable to the factory navigation I have in my maxima. No complaints about the radio quality either. My steering wheel controls work as they should. However you will have to take some time to play with the settings to get it set up the way you like. I paid 436.00 for mine off of ebay.
2009 Mazda 5
Hi, first post! Just joined after seeing srad2drag's pics. How are you liking that unit now that you've had it for a while? It looks like exactly what I'd like to put in my '09 5. I have a few questions.

What happens to the functionality of the stock aux in port?
Is it a 6 disc changer? I notice the pics on ebay say "Virtual" 6 disc.
Does your stock LCD screen (above unit) still function and to what extent?

Anything you could say would be a great help. Your install looks great! Thanks...

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