Post FSZE swap throwing few codes, might have borked the vacuum..


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03 protege 5
So a few months ago I swapped in an FSZE that was FOTB (fresh off the boat), and with some help from TheMan I managed to swap the Crank Pulley, sensor, cam sensor, temp, knock as well as water jacket. I put a header on before dropping it in.
I dont think I kept the 4-2-1 header, I would have to look. ( I didnt realize people wanted it )
Anyway, it fired up right away, put about 1/2 mile on the car and parked it for 2-3 months.

So Monday I registered and had it inspected and decided to break the clutch in.
CEL came on and I had codes pulled.
P0850 Neutral Switch Circuit fault
P0300 Random Cylinder misfire detected
P2009 Variable tumble control system solenoid, Valve circuit low input
P0660 IMCC actuator circuit malfuntion

Well doing some chatting with a few people and it has been brought to my attention I could have plugged the VCIS and VTCS solenoids in wrong. There was a little "rigging" needed for vacuum lines as the ZE manifold has like 3 ports on the manifold where the DE had what...5 or 6?

Here are some pics of my mess.

Otherwise during driving I was pretty amazed at the low end torque, I just need to figure this out. Vacuum has always been my weakness. And I am sure I had to have connected this up wrong. Oh, it is getting 27MPG right now, has a rough idle, a bit lumpy of an idle.

To answer some questions I expect are coming, the motor cost 800, and I planned on keeping the ZE manifold on, it did come with the harness, intake, MAF, 4-2-1 header. Total time to pull and start first time was roughly 20-30 hours.

Need a specific pic? let me know and Ill snap a few and upload.
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The ZE intake manifold doesn't have VTCS flaps so not sure what you plugged the solenoid into. As long as you have the connector plugged in and enough vacuum it should be fine just to tie it up somewhere out of the way.

If you are using the stock USDM ecu, this will most likely explain the random misfire CEL as the ecu may at the edge (if not beyond) it's ability to provide suitable fuel and timing for the high compression engine.


Everybody Panic!
03 protege 5
Im sure there is a vacuum leak, with the nightmare of vacuum hose splitting i did, it is possible.

Where can I go for the MP3 flash, I am in the dfw area, is it exspensive?

If I have to I will put the DE manifold on, as it is my wifes daily driver and really am not looking for a mild performance upgrade that causes more issues.


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I'm pretty sure this is the guy you wanna talk to:


IIRC,.. you buy a flashed ECU from him , then when he gets your ECU mailed to him he reimburses you part of the cost.

Your cost ends up being about $200 I think.

Just send him a PM,... (he had some computer problems recently but I think he's up and and running now)


Everybody Panic!
03 protege 5
Changing coil packs did remove the random misfire code, I forgot I had left the ZE packs on.

Had a friend come over this weekend and we fixed my vacuum mess and solenoid, but it is still throwing the P2009 Variable tumble control system solenoid, Valve circuit low input
P0660 IMCC actuator circuit malfuntion codes, so no idea whats up with that.

Now, I am getting 32mpg, no pinging, runs smooth. No real "big HP" feel, the most notable is the torque, that is very noticable. But still wondering whats up with those codes and the nuetral code.

Ive heard of the guy that does flashings, will have to get with him.
2001 mazda protege mp3
Isn't the Vic's for the ze a little different than the de? I know it had something to do with the black box on top of the intake manifold but can't remember the rest