POST A PIC OF YOUR MAZDA5 - Ongoing Thread

2009 Mazda5 Sport
Hi roolis,

Yes i bought my mazda5 eyelids on ebay several years ago on ebay. I believe that the seller is no longer active. But some still do sell them online. With regards to the side mirror, i bought a genuine part from mazda which is a power folding one. I retro fitted it to my 2009 mazda5 as mine before has manual folding. Then i bought a side mirror cover with integrated side markers as well on ebay.
1996 MX-5
Ganda pare!! What brake set up are you running? I spy blue caliper and big rotor! :D

PS, is that the Bayson R rear wing?
2009 Mazda5 Sport

Salamat pards! I'm still on oem brake calipers just painted them blue with EBC slotted rotors and greenstuff brake pads. Rear wings i do have but not from baysonr.
Mazda5 2007
Roof box

We got a dog. Now we need more cargo space. This one from is a genuine Thule Force M and it was over $100 cheaper than a similar box from anywhere else. Part # 0000-8L-Z16


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Premacy -03 with FS-DE
I guess I could also throw my familycarrier here!

European Touring Sport
Lowered with FK-springs 35mm
MPS3 wheels, 225/40/18
Rear lights upgraded to LED lights
Up north 5 struggle with rust real bad. I've been through a lot with my 5 heres a few pics, just to scratch the surface of my adventures

when i bought it (Both sides where like this) :
finished up:
5 vs tree:
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2007 Mazda 2 GT-M & 2007 JDM Mazda Premacy (5)
This is our family hauler. It's an imported 2007 JDM Premacy with a 5 speed AT.
It only needs cruise control and a center console with heated seats, for some reason that's not a thing in Japan.

Including my wife's 2 for scale.

Mazda 5.jpg
Mazda 2 & 5.jpg