Porsche 944 Photo Rebuild Journal

Brian MP5T

MP5T / 944
Ok, Basically the Protege Project know as MP5T has more than lived up to my hopes. The Car Feels like a street Legal Go-Kart. It looks the way I want and it Just plainly makes me happy to drive. So A New Project is Born.

The Basic Goal is a 300 KM/H Car. It's geared for Top Speed, something I miss in the Protege. The P5 is stellar on the 1/4 or the street, but it's just not fast on the highway. 220 Km/h feels like it's going to Rev to destruction.

2479 cc
150 Hp @ 5500 RPM
9.5 : 1
2637 Lbs

Engine In Line Four ( Front )
Tranny 5 Speed Manual ( Rear )

Weight Distribution 50:50 with a Passenger.

E-Bay is the Devil. I have already bought over 20 Things for the car. I will reserve some spots and fire up some sub heading for the diferent projects just like the MP5T Rebuild.

This is not a picture of my car, It's more like a "GOAL"

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Brian MP5T

MP5T / 944
Engine Rebuild

Same as the MP5T, Pistons and Rods, Balance, Deck, but No Piston Change 9.5:1 Compression.

No Turbo in the future for the 944 so SUPERCHARGER All The Way..Yes, there I said it...

New Head Gassket is in as well as a set of ARP Studs. I don't mind using them on a Full Aluminium Block and Head Combo.

A Short Ram has already been delivered to the new place.


UPDATE 12 AUg 05..

Wow, I just got the Headgasket for the rebuild. After looking at stupid Protege Pistons for three years, I had to giggle at the size of the hole for the 944 Piston... Check It...


Alright, So here is a bit of a FLAME towards Mazda. I have heard of HORROR STORIES in reference to Auto-X + Oil Starvation = Spun Main and Zoom Zoom Boom...

Did you ever wonder if a Mazda Protg 5 or MSP could enter the 24h Of Le Mans and survive? The Race is one of the most difficult on mechanical parts ever. A Car can be fast or a car can last, But here... A car must last and go fast. So I do have a point. The Mazda oil pan is Steel and bowl shaped. Almost no heat transfer out and if you are in a hard corner, the oil simply sloshes over to the side and cant be sucked up by the engine. The 944 has an Aluminum Oil Pan with massive fins (Heat Sink) that would literally suck the heat out of the oil and the oil pan is shaped one inch from the crank and then falls off almost one foot into the sump. It is impossible to starve for oil. By the time the sump is dry, the oil has built up so much that it's litterally falling back into the sump. Perfect. Now the oil pan with Aluminum and heat sink cools the oil.. Why didn't Mazda think of that...Like Hello The 944 that I'm working on his a 1986... they have had almost 20 Years to copy this... Here is the Killer for me, the nail in the coffin as it were. The Oil Pan is mechanically a suitable oil cooler, there is a second Oil cooler, a small "Radiator" style oil cooler, sits in the coolant that is coming from the radiator. No wonder the ******* thing doesn't blow up all over the ******* Track. Mazda... Corner Store, Spun Main, Porsche 944, The "Cheap Porsche" Oil Cooling Overkill. **** YES, I'm so impressed I'm beside myself. This is why people spend $50,000 On Sports Cars..

I Turned a Mazda into a Sport Compact. I made many mods to make it able to go fast reliably. Porsche Took a 24H Le Mans race Car and turned it into a street car. Holy s***, What a Fantastic Idea...


So there are some Pictures of a totally impressive piece of hardware in this post, It has over 290,000 Km on it and it's hardly showing it, No Scoring on the Cylinders, No Cooked pistons, Hardly any carbon... Brilliant...

I'm Done Ragging on Mazda.

Ok, So I did the Engine Cover... Like The MP5T, Black and Silver...

Here is "Stock". Cleaning it up a bit, Sanding the letters flat and then hit it with some brakr cleaner. Couple coats of Hi Temp and then Wetsand the Letters again. Instant Bling... And the work PORSCHE helps alot too...



The Finished Product under bad light. It get's the point across...


Holy Crap! I think I know why it's called the "CRANK"...

The first person must have seen a Porsche Engine Open and decided to call it the CRANK after becoming Aroused...Randy...




After Looking into it, Nitros will not cut it so...

Great News, I just won a Supercharger off E-Bay from a 2000 Mazda millenia for $155.00. I have some research to do to find out what size of pulley I will need for it etc, but it will be an unusual mod to the Porsche since not too many 944's have been supercharged...




[font=&quot]Nov 05/05

Got the Engine back yesterday from getting the valve train cleaned up, the head Milled and the top of the block Milled level. The pistons are the original 9.5:1 Compression unlike the Original Plan to go with the [/font][font=&quot]10:1 Spec pistons because of the supercharger. The Piston Rings have been swapped so I guess another "Break In Period" this spring to look towards.

Today, Installed the head gasket and clamped the head down on it. Will torque later.



I removed what was left of the bracket that held the Power steering and cleaned it up with some Cheap BLING..


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The Intake Mani isnt done yet. I think it will be a little bit at a time all winter till it's complete.

Dec 09/05

Done for the night but here is the progress.

The Cam Box was purged, oiled and wrapped to keep it free of s*** until Saturday.

The Threads were prepped for the Cambox and the valve train was coated in oil and then with a shop vac, I made sure that any dust and s*** was removed with the coating of oil. I'm going to repeat this before it gets assembly lube and then closed up for good..



Dec 09/05

Ok, so I should have stopped as I was planning to but I had all the parts, tools and felt like doing it.

It was real important that the cam was times with the pistons. I would like to underscore this to all that will try it. It is an interference engine. IE: The Valves can strike the piston if the timing is off.

So, after cleaning all the internal parts of the Cam Box, and the top of the head, I fired some heavy 20W50 on as an assembly lubricant, used the Shop Vac to suck it with any dust or crud that had collected on the parts. Then coated all the parts in the Cam Box and Re-installed the lifters in the exact order they were removed from the Box in the Fall. That way, the wear patterns and the adjustments that were made will still be accurate.

The Cam Box gasket was oiled and then Bolts were left at 20 NM.

I'm real happy with the outcome. Next, Water Pump and Timing Belt.



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Brian MP5T

MP5T / 944
Tranny Rebuild

I found a 968 Six Speed Tranny. As it sits now the car will hit 6450 at 270 Km/h. That would have it hit Red just as it hit's 295Km/h. I would rather it be a bit taller like in the order of 6200 at 180 MPH or 300Km/h. I have to hit the books and see what ratio would equal that senario, the 951 Final drive in the Taller 968 Tranny will do it.... Many people with 944 Turbo go taller in the gearbox because the car runs 11-14Psi on the stock turbo. It would have way more power and would not suffer as much as the NA 944 with the taller gearbox. I'm happy to have found out that the 944 I have has the proper numbers on the tranny for an LSD. Unless it was rebuilt and removed, it should still have an LSD in it. I need to find some wet pavement and see how it behaves on a launch or I guess I'll find out once it comes apprt in the basement this winter.

UPDATE: Here is the Stock Gear Table...

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Brian MP5T

MP5T / 944
Rims and Tires

The stock 16" Rims are sweet, Polished Lip rims and when I took them off, ******* LIGHTWEIGHT (Rim and Tire) compared to even just the Rims on the P5.

So I've ordered new Rim Caps OEM in silver and will treat the stock rims to some badly needed TLC. A Sandblast to remove the Gold paint and then a quick coat of clear. The Lip will get some serious polish action and then some new 250/50/16 ADVAN Rubber for the rear to match the front ADVAN.

Update 06 Aug

They just needed some Help. The Lip Is was bad, but some work with a polishing wheel and BAM. Then I got the rim all cleaned up with a brush wheel and painted them with Caliper Paint in Gloss Black.


Nov 10/05

So, Daddy's got a new toy..

License Plate - Territory of Papua New Guinea # 74-944

1974 is my birth year and 944 Well Duh!


Nov 27/05

Here is the basic idea for the 944 Fuel Delivery. The car is capable of unreal cornering that will only be better when it's 2100 Lbs. I have designed a system where the fuel will not slosh to one side during hard cornering. The 5 Gal will feed a 1 Gal with Double outlets. This will serve as a "fuel buffer".
During cornering even if the fuel in the 5 Gal is on the side of the tank, the 1 Gal will still be full. When the car goes level again, it will top up the 1 Gal.

The second Fuel tank is on the way with the Stainless Braided Fuel lines.

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Brian MP5T

MP5T / 944
Bodywork, Repaint, Shaved Handles

The 1986 944 has a fixed steel bumper. I have a front off a 1987 S2 which is a direct replacement and looks way better...FIBERGLASS FENDERS save Weight. On Order...


An Alumininum Hood Badge, Normally they are gold but on a white car... Silver is much cooler!


Ordered From US.

1x 968 Rear Wing. Direct Swap With 944 Rubber Boot..



Nov 21/05

I got some time to put the parts more or less where thy belong. I'm not going to get into much detail but you will get the basic point.
Nov 21/05

I got some time to put the parts more or less where they belong. I'm not going to get into much detail but you will get the basic point.

I'm totally impressed worth the Parts from GT-Racing, They are expensive, but the fit is great, they are strong and most important. They weigh close to nothing. The Nose panel is a bit stronger than the fenders, but I understand that it is the leading edge of the car and I'm happy that it is stronger at to cost of a bit of weight.

The Headlight conversion is just placed there. There is clear plastic the covers the bucket. I'm simply waiting on the 951 bumper shocks and then I'll fire it on the actual car for a better test. I do not think I'll be disappointed.





Nov 21/05

Tested out the basic look of the car. I'm like a kid with a new toy.

Got bored and ripped more of the Porsche interior, seats and carpet, in Prep for Bodywork.

The more I get done now, the less time it will need to be prepared at the shop. Time is Money...

I also got the 25L fuel cell today!







Nov 24/05


An Incredible weight has lifted from my project; I finally have ALL the parts to rebuild the body conversion from the 1986 Style to the 1987 Turbo. The Aluminum Bumper and Bumper Shocks. These parts support the entire weight and add stability to the front and sides of the car. The Aluminum bumper is stock but it is less than half the weight of the original style of Steel bumper that my 944 came with. This with all the other weight reduction in the form of Fiberglass panels and the removal of unnecessary parts should make the car tip the scales a full 500 Lb lighter than it started out with. The Stripped 944 should weigh just shy of 2100 Lbs with a near perfect 48F:52R Weight Balance. Because it's a Rear Wheel Drive car, this will not upset the driving characteristics of the 944 negatively.
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Brian MP5T

MP5T / 944

Right now the only major thing is to stitch the carpet a bit near the shifter as it was just replaced a year ago with OEM carpets.

I'm happy with the stock seats but I have to patch the Backplate on them due to the age of the car. The Stock Backplate came out easy and I'm going to get flat black leather embroidered with dark grey RECARO, the wife has offered her stitching skills. She is as crazy about perfection as I am, should look stellar!


Nov 08/05

Got something a bit special in the mail today.

Normally these stop at 260 Km/h But the 944 Turbo for 1989 had a diferent bag of tricks it seems.. 180 MPH or 300 KM/H

I plan to plant that totally over to the 180 Mark...


Nov 1/05

I have decided that for two reasons, I will have a conventional "Boost" Only indicator like on a normal supercharged car that reads before the throttle body and a "Boost/Vac" that reads the pressure in the intake manifold, (What boost the engine is getting). It will give me the ability to see what boost the engine will spike to just before hitting wide open throttle plus give me the ability to see how the supercharger is working independant of the engine. So Here is what will be on the A Pillar.

The Boost Only will be before the throttlebody and will tell what the supercharger is making
The Vac/Boost Will inidicate what the engine is getting. It will vary with throttle position like a turbo.

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Brian MP5T

MP5T / 944
Headlight Conversion

Replaces the Pop Up, with Fixed Lights.

There is a Kit for it, but where is the fun in that...

I'm going to fir two 7x2.5 Inch lights off a New style Camaro stacked like a step in each side. Should look Crazy...


Dec 03/05

Decided to get the first look into the Eyes of my new Monster..
Check it out.

The Gt-Racing Headlight conversion takes some fitment with the new Finerglass Parts the I have now. I will be a bit of work bit will be KILLER looing when done..



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Brian MP5T

MP5T / 944

Oct 07/05

The Supercharger was delivered today. Here are some shots..

The Wife noticed that there were Twin Screws inside and the name stuck. I guess she has never seen a Supercharger on a coffee table before.. :)

The Motion is free and the sound it gives off is so F-ing great.





Nov 12/05

Picked up an Oil Filter Spacer with Two ports for Oil P Sending Units and Oil Temp Sending Units.

It can also be used to Supply Oil to The Supercharger which is primarily what I'm after. The 944 Turbo takes the oil from the Top Balance shaft housing, But I plan to take it directly from the Oil filter and place an aftermarket Oil Pressure sending unit there.

Nov 18/05
More Parts For The Posrche 944...

Brand NEW Air Cooled Superchager pulley made by Reichard Racing and is a 3.60" pulley.

Shaft size: 0.875"
Key hole size: 0.125"

This Pulley retails for $160.00 from other sites pick it up here for alot less.

Item Won for $50.00



Nov 23/05

Got the Reichard Racing 3.6" pulley today for the Supercharger..



Nov 24/05


Tonight I started to work out the location of the supercharger a bit better. As you can see, I have it hooked to the ceiling to support the weight until I get a bracket made. I will attach it to the motor mount and the engine block. The entire assembly will be able to move Front and back for fine adjustment. I need to keep the outlet straight up because of the way the oil is fed and retuned to the Supercharger. Once the supercharger is mounted, I will figure out where the alternator is going to go. One Problem at a time.




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Brian MP5T

MP5T / 944
New Picture

I removed the entire Fan Blower, A/C. Heater Core today. Saved so much weight and the enire dash is empty less the structire. A Swag place to hide some No2.

The day ended with two full size garbage cans full and 10 items being posted on E-Bay.

I can't wait till the motor and Paint are done, This car will boot on the highway effortlessly.

Oct 31/05

Got the Fuel system completely out of the 944 making alot of room over the tranny. Put the rear tires back on and finalised my order with Gt-Racing.


So I won the fuel tank... I'll be able to rebuild the entire fuel system out of Aeroquip lines and fittings. New Fuel pump and Filter mounted in the center of the car.



Nov 02/05

MSD Fuel Pump Ordered Today...


Multiport EFI systems require a stable fuel supply to maintain the best performance throughout the engine's rpm range. This high pressure and high flow fuel pump features a roller vane pump mechanism which is extremely resistant to clogging and jamming. The pump mounts in-line (out of the tank) with two supplied cushioned clamps for a quick and sturdy installation. The nipple inlet is 3/8 in. with a 5/16 in. outlet and the wire terminals feature brass studs for secure connections. Made in the USA, the pump is ideal for use as a booster for nitrous oxide applications, or as a stand alone pump for multiport EFI systems on engines up to approximately 500 HP.

Nov 12/05

The need to be able to control the fuel delivery is very evident. Here is the final part of the fuel delivery system.

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

When the Supercharger goes on the 2.5L it will need more fuel across the power band. With the new Pump, Filter, tank and Steel Braided lines, the fuel system will be planned and built shortly.

I'll get better pictures later... :rolleyes:



Nov 25/05<o =""></o>

Today I got upset (In a good way) with the Integrated Oil Cooler Cover. I have the gasket set and I was going to just attach it, but I thought that it would be nicer if I polished it before attaching it.<o =""></o>

Dec 01/05
Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator...



The name explains it all. The car runs completely stock untill boost is applied from the Supercharger. This device replaces the stock fuel pressure regulator and has a vac hose from the intake manifold hooked to it. When the boost crosses over 1 Vac, the fuel pressure starts to increase in the fuel rail.

Much like a toy supersoaker watergun. The more pressure you have in the tank, the more liquid comes out.

It is a reliable and inexpensive solution that many people use but should be limited to boost below 12 Psi.

It places a larger strain on the Fuel Pump which should be upgraded when this devide is used.<o =""></o>
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Brian MP5T

MP5T / 944
Here is the plan...

I spent some time with the Porsche today.
Trimming a fully loaded 944 is easy but time consuming. The Engine bay
looks clean and purpose built without the cutter.. Every option was on the LUX and most became dead weight as the systems started to fail.

Cuise Control
Climate Control
Heated Seats (Hermeroid Control)
Motorized Drivers Seat Control
Power Windows
Power Locks
Electric Sunroof

All Kaput! Some were fixed and made new, others were just tossed in the bin.

So The A/C+Heatercore+Blower Assembley has been removed from the dash
at a saving of 110 LB of riff raff and dead weight. The AC
condenser,Compressor and Powersteering Pump, plus most of the noise
killer that had soaked water.. MINUS 136LB Most of the mechanical
parts went on E-Bay, I've finished redoing the rims, if you have seen the old picture
of the Porsche you will see the diference. Now the dash is
completely empty inside but it still looks normal from the outside.
All the wires that used to run anything that was not being used were
removed and then a new wiring harness was made for what's left. Power
Windows/Locks, Roof, Trunk and the instrumentation/headlights. Unreal
amount of wiring was taken out. Now the car literlly runs off of 7
Fuses and 4 Relays complete.



Updete 05 Sep...

Ok, Need new fenders for the new 944 Turbo Front that has arrived. The sides are slightly diferent. So I started to pull the shizzy appart. I'm going to get the parts painted seperately off of the car and then assemble them later.

Here is how it looks now. The Car is up and stripped. The Engine is ready to be removed from the car and the tranny is going to be sold for a 1989 944 Turbo Tranny which has much taller gearing.

I'm going to keep the "Widebody" kit but there was some rust it seems behind it. It's ready for a good dose of Sandblast, Prime, Paint, Clear.





Nov 28/05
Nothing really to do with the Rebuild but it's 944 related...

So There is "No Replacement For Displacement.." :)

That should seem funny to the V8 Regulars because the 944 isn't really that large of an engine at only 2.5L However compared to the tiny pistons that I'm used to seeing in the Mazda...



Here, is what I meant by Small..
Protege Pistons...

Dec 01/05

More s***...


Emblems From GM for the 944..

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Brian MP5T

MP5T / 944
Yeah, that is why it's getting a complete Dismantle and Sandblast...

BYW, White is the color of choice for this car as well...
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2nd Mazdaspeed
Ok, cause the first pictures I saw where of the white one and I thought you had it painted that color.


Guy Ladouche
07 MS3-GT
thats one hell of a project youre undertaking...itll be sweet when its done tho...

are you gonna leave the wheels gold or paint them white likethe first picture?

Brian MP5T

MP5T / 944
pluto316 said:
Ok, cause the first pictures I saw where of the white one and I thought you had it painted that color.

Agreed, Post # 5 is how it looks now. (confused) It has got to go...

Brian MP5T

MP5T / 944
jbiird317 said:
thats one hell of a project youre undertaking...itll be sweet when its done tho...

are you gonna leave the wheels gold or paint them white likethe first picture?

Check Further down, The New rims are 18x10 in the rear and Chrome!


293 ft/tq on 3 Cylinders!
Looks like a sweet project!!!!

I've allways wanted to pick up a 944 and do what youre doing. I've also allways wondered about the different body modifications that could be done by swaping panels on these cars... Intresting stuff...

Why did you decide to go the N/A route? Turbo 944's are fun, but N/A's are pretty amazing engines as well... Just curious.


goes to eleven
2013 CX-9
I think porsche needs to bring the 944 back to the lineup. They are heading in the wrong direction. Anyone know why they pulled all the front-engine coupes from their lineup?