Poor performance with AC on

2019 CX5 Touring/Preferred Pkg
Over the few hot summer weeks (up to 85-90°F) I’ve realized some poor performance out of the engine especially when picking up from a stop or when accelerating to merge on a freeway while the AC is on. This is on a 2019 Touring without the turbo. Feels like the eco mode on my previous Hondas.

Has anyone else noticed this? I didn’t think the AC would rob so much HP from the engine, at most I’d think 1-2HP loss when the AC is on.

Some feedback from the transmissions feels like there is a delay in downshifting and just pure poor performance.
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If his is true than there's something wrong and time to take for repair. The clutch will turn off the AC upon hard acceleration
2014 mazda cx-5 touring FWD
I've noticed the same thing sometimes with the a/c on.I attribute it to the transmission programming holding it in a higher gear ( all in the interest of that sacred fuel economy for cafe) than is desirable.I just give the gas pedal a good jab when it happens.


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'15 CX-5 Miata AWD
Environmental factors.. low octane fuel + higher density altitude, + increase load from A/C means less power available and more timing pulled to maintain appropriate CHT/knock counts etc. unplug your battery to relearn your long/short term fuel trims since the season is different


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Switching to 89 or 91 octane fuel in the Summer, will help the engine maintain somewhat more aggressive timing before ignition maps or knock sensor retards. The hotter ingest air coupled with hot EGR (via valve overlap), coupled with high launch load when the AC is running, makes for somewhat retarded timing as compared to cooler ingest and less or no AC compressor load.

I think near or full WOT, the PCM kicks out the compressor.