Pirelli Scorpian all season tires

Mazda CX5 Touring with PEP
Look like you really don’t want any crossover/SUV touring all-season tires. But you’re the one knows what you really want, the on-/off-road all-terrain tire. Not sure if you can find factory recommended size, 225/65R17, though
Yeah most reviews are written when the tires are new. At least they’re telling initial performance. You have to dig into the reviews to find some long-term reviews.
All season tires, been there done that, work okay if the roads have been treated or plowed and or just a small amount of snow. When I say "snow country" it is the result of a lake effect event where one of the Great Lakes is about 1.25 hours north and a cold front sweeps across the unfrozen lake, scoops up copious amounts of water which turns to snow and it just dumps, for days, at a rate of about 2" per hour. Feet of snow is the result. This happens a lot in winter here, and I work in that zone.

It is not so much what I want and more about what I need without getting into multiple sets of wheels and tires. The Falken tires are designed for CUV type vehicles. More tire manufacturers are coming out with that type of tire that has that rubber compound(^^***) that remains supple and stable in cold weather which is key when driving in ice/snow conditions.

I'll be in a new set of tires for under $240.


2016 Mazda CX-5 GT AWD w/Tech Pkg
Plano, Texas, USA

I'll be in a new set of tires for under $240.
Let us know your decision on tires you eventually get them. That’s one of many reasons why I've stuck with Discount Tire Store for many years. My 1998 Honda CR-V has gone through 4 sets of new tires, I can always get some credits and have never paid full price for a new set of tires with Discount Tire except the factory set replacement!