Picking up on Friday. What should I check for?

Closest dealer is 3 hours away, so I don't want to miss anything.
I haven't purchased a new car in 18 years.
What do I need to check for? Scratches? I saw on other post to look out for scratched/hazy instrument cluster? Any important "functions" I should check? Etc.
Thanks for your help!


Welcome and congratulations on becoming a CX-30 Owner!

Good question, I don't have a CX-30 but I'll add what I would check for and perhaps Owners can chime in here as well...

- As you mentioned, a thorough check of the exterior and interior.
- I would take it for a short test drive if possible.
- Run though the main features of the infotainment system.
- Test out the safety features if possible.
- Study and or bring a list of features your package / trim level includes so you can verify they're there and functioning.
- Inspect the wheels and tires for any possible issues.
- Make sure what you ordered is actually there including any options etc.

Those are just some ideas / suggestions...Hopefully others will post additional tips.

Enjoy and keep us updated if you can! :)
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Ask for a copy of the completed dealer prep form.
Check to see that everything that the tech is supposed to do before delivery to the customer has actually been done.
Check the tire pressure. Mazda is known to over inflate the tires during shipping.
Techs are too lazy to reduce the tire pressures back to normal.
They look at the tires and go "ok looks good", and checks off the box on the prep sheet.
Check your fluid levels too.


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Buzzman12 and Antoine pretty much covered it I think. Only thing I'd add re: check fluid levels is to ensure you are using the procedure outlined in the owner's manual when checking oil levels. You can look at the online copy of the CX-30 Owner's Manual here.