Picking up my 2010 Mazda5 on Monday, so a few ?'s

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My wife and I purchased a 2010 Mazda5 yesterday. We got a good deal on their shuttle vehicle, which is a GS with 17k on it. Nice car, and fits two car seats, which we'll need when our next baby is due later this week.

There are a lot of options after all the purchase stuff though that I'm unsure about. Things like an extended warranty, undercoating, rust, paint, and interior protection, etc... Any advice? I got the undercoating on my 08 Mazda3 and love it, but I'm not sure about the rest. I heard there are some rusting issues, so maybe that fancy rust protector thing would do well? And as for extended warranty, everyone seems to have an opinion, but are many people getting work down after the 80k that could have been warranty covered?

Thanks! :)
Don't buy anything from the dealer that you can't hold in your hands. That is, floor mats, splash guards behind the tires, bumper guard (a plate) for the back bumper is fine, but everything else: No.

Extended warranty: Don't buy it from the dealer. If you really want it, and I don't recommend it, buy it from your insurance agent.
Undercoating: Not needed, don't buy it.
Rust protection: Not needed, don't buy it.
Interior protection: Buy a can of Scotch guard if you really want protection. US$5? Don't buy this "protection" from the dealer.

What you do need to make sure of is that you get two sets of keys from the dealer. If you only got one, it's probably too late since it sounds like you already signed the contract. A replacement second key will cost you about US$200, plus another US$80 or so for labor.

The reason why the second set is so important is that if you have two sets of keys you can program a third by yourself. If you only have one key (or fob), you have to pay the dealer to program the second one.
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Ditto what heat said. 2 sets of keys/remotes, programmed, make sure they work. All those 'protection' items are bogus and extended warranties are a big money maker for them, not a money saver for you.
08 Mazda 3, 10 Mazda5
Thanks for the responses guys. My wife gave birth to our daughter on Monday, so I haven't been back to check until today. We are picking it up this afternoon, and I decided to forgo all the options, with the exception of the undercoating, mostly for the acoustic dampening. I found it made a difference in my 3, so I took the chance with my 5. I read in another post a recommendation to take the money you'd have spent on the warranty and throw it in an account as your own sort of warranty, so I'm going to do that, and hopefully not have to spend it for a few years. :)
And I made sure to get two keys, as I didn't for the civic I traded in and it's been such a hassle.
Thanks again! :) I'm excited to pick it up today.


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GL, I think you'll be happy. Don't waste all summer putting off your decision on those snows tho.