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Photoshop requests


So I don't have to repeat myself every page, here it goes.....

If you would like someone to photoshop something on to your car for you, here is what you need to provide!

- Atleast one decent sized picture (preferably 800x600 or bigger)
- Pic needs clear DAYTIME lighting (NO REALLY DARK SPOTS)
- Good angle appropriate for the work requested

- Additional pics of the work requested
- Pics of random cars or objects with the color you wish your car to be changed to (we need samples to pick colors off of)
- Pics of the wheels you want shopped onto the car (OFF OF ANOTHER CAR, NOT BLANK BACKGROUND SHOTS OFF WEBSITES)
- Wheel pics need to be at an identical angle to your pics provided

DO NOT assume we know exactly what you wan. We can't read minds, provide links and pictures to go off of so work doesn't have to be done and redone and re-redone. Also, politely ask someone to do the work for you. This isn't our job, and it's not a skill every person has, so appreciate the time people are offering to do this for you.


Let's use this thread to post up photoshop requests and chopped photos that had been requested. Whether its color change, wheels, tint, drops, anything. Post it up, I or someone else with some PS experience can get it done for ya!!

Requested by StealthWyvern here

A few things I came up with, tell me what ya think. Let me know if you want any other colors or anything.

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I doubt there's much available with a yellow lip without having it custom painted. Would definately be unique, in a good way!


03 MSP & 91 RX-7 & 00 1500
im doing the exact same with but with a orange lip and having the racing hart orange too.
Browse around the forums, I think someone else has that look on some black Rotas I believe. I know I've seen some pics of it.
Thor, if you have a pic of your entire car, it would give you a better idea of the look.

Tiger, I'll use the second pic, it will be much easier to use.


Stock 2002 Protege5
Stock 2002 Protege5
no i just wanted the ones i have in the picture painted black

i was just stating i wish these rims werw 17" not 16"
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Stock 2002 Protege5
Stock 2002 Protege5
hahaha wow those look sweet too! if you dont mind do you think you can do the ones i have on there in black? i think i might get them PC'ed

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