PCV Valve - replaced?

I was thinking of replacing PCV valve

It seems difficult to reach - when I searched this forum, I did not get a single hit.
Anyone changed it? It is so easy on my Integra.
2008 Mazda5 GT
ms2000, here's a link to a few YouTube videos:
Given that the Mazda 5 is based on the Mazda 3, the procedure should be the same. I should change mine at some point - our '09 is at 159K km. If you get to this before I do, please post details of your experience. (We're still in a deep freeze here; I doubt I'll do mine before April or May.)
Be cautious of the Mazda3/6 videos. Most are hack jobs by guys who really don't know what they are doing...

This is the most comprehensive reference that I've come across. The idea is simple, you HAVE to remove the intake manifold. Not a technically hard/challenging job but will take a few hours. LOTS of connectors and hoses to keep track of (lucky connectors are unique fit) if you don't mark them and you have to be creative with your tools/bolts to get them into position.