Passenger side low beam doesn't light up (2009)

A couple weeks back the power to my cigar lighter stopped working, and I figured it was the fuse but hadn't taken the time to fix it. During this time I used the center armrest power socket to switch between my phone charger and bluetooth FM transmitter. Yesterday as I was pulling the transmitter out to switch to charging, I realized the socket stopped working. No charge or bluetooth for me on the way home. I didn't realize until I got home that my passenger side low beam stopped working as well. I figured damn, I had some bad luck to have so many things pop at once.

I had some spare 15A fuses from my last replacement, so I went ahead and swapped out the Power Outlet fuse in the engine bay as well as the Cigar lighter fuse under the glove box. They both worked, yay.

Next I checked the low beam fuses (60 and 61 under glove box), but they both seemed to be intact. I checked the bulb and found that it had popped. OK no problem, I had a spare for that. I installed the new bulb and tried again didn't work. I double checked the fuses -- still intact. I double checked the bulb (my thumb was sore af by this time already wrangling with the bulb wire clip) -- all good.

So right now I've got the following: The driver side headlight works just fine, both low and high beam. Passenger side low beam doesn't work, high beam works fine. Both low beam fuses look to be intact.

Any other ideas?