Passenger HID Troubleshooting

2008 Mazda6 iTouring
Hi guys,

I hope this specific issue hasn't been answered before; I tried searching, but didn't find anything.

I have an issue with my new HIDs not lighting on the passenger side. TLDR; Installed 50w Morimotos into factory projectors with stock wiring. Lights worked for a couple of days, then passenger went out. All other lights in the housing work, but old halogens won't light (not a bulb issue). Replaced low-beam fuses and checked connections, but no signs of damage. Where do I look now?

More Details:
I have a 2008 Mazda6 with factory projector low-beams. I do a lot of night driving and found standard halogen H1s to be very dim, and the brighter ones seemed to burn out quickly. Since it's a paid to change the low beams, I thought HIDs would be a good solution for the brightness/longevity problem.

I bought a 50w kit from Morimoto and both headlights worked perfectly after install (I realize I should have purchased the option with a relay instead of Canbus... planning on ordering the relay now.). A couple of days later, my passenger low beam cut out while driving. I disconnected and reconnected all connections, which fixed the problem. Same thing happened the next day, only this time I pulled over and just pushed all connections together with the lights still on. The light came on for a split second and went out again.

When I had a chance, I repeated the disconnect/reconnect all components with no success. I checked the low-beam fuses - they're still good. All other lights in the housing (high beams, turn signals, etc.) work. Tried old working H1 bulbs (two of them) and they wouldn't light either. Connections appear to be solid (no corrosion). Where do I look now?

Thanks in advance.