Parting out my Protege5

Ok, so the decision has been made, i am parting out my P5, anyone need any parts, let me know. Engine and trans are not for sale.
Main wiring harness Pending
Roof rack deletes and rails Pending
Taillights Pending
Rubber pedal boots Pending
Also have a k&n full cai $300 obo plus shipping
Front and rear racing beat sway bars $150 shipped with 10k miles on rear moog endlinks

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Hnh nh Khuyn mi viettel qung ngi

Photo u im viettel qung ngi
hin thi, vi ph sng to*n quc th ci tn truyn hnh cp vit nam (VTVcab) tr nn qu thn thuc i vi khn gi truyn hnh. Cng vi l* sc tng trng mnh m v* t*nh chuyn nghip cao.

lp t u im viettel qung ngi
Truyn hnh cp (Cable TV) ng*y c*ng thng dng v c hnh nh sc nt v* n nh v t*n hiu truyn hnh c kt ni thng ti tivi ph chun dy cp m* khng thit yu Anten. thng ng*y nh* cung cp ch lp t dng dy n mt Tivi, Nhng trong nh* li cn c nhng Tivi khc na, phi l*m sao y?

Photo mng viettel qung ngi
B chia t*n hiu truyn hnh cp v* dy dn

kt ni mt ng dy t*n hiu truyn hnh cp vi nhiu tivi, bn cn c 1 th dng chia t*n hiu truyn hnh, gi l* b chia (Spliter). Ty theo s lng Tivi m* bn s dng b chia 2, 3 hay nhiu u ra. B chia t*n hiu n*y c th mua ti cc c*a h*ng bn in gia dng, in t*,...
Dy cp ng trc, loi dng cho truyn hnh cp c gn u cm. Dy n*y dng kt ni gia b chia v* Tivi. Bn c th c lng chiu d*i dy dn cn thit v* nh ni bn ct v* gip gn u dy cp hoc c th em v t o v* gn u dy.

im truyn hnh cp viettel qung ngi
Cc mc PT quan yu cua truyn hinh cap vit nam

20/9/1995: trng im DV cp k thu*t MMDS c hnh th*nh
Thng 12/1995: cng ty truyn hnh cp S*i Gn (SCTV) c b*n giao cai qun
Thng 12/1996: My pht sng c nng cp ln 6 knh vi bn k*nh 40km
25/4/1998: khi u kha m v* bn bn quyn truyn hnh
Nm 1999: Lc n*y c 16 knh v* 13 knh kha m
14/1/2000: xy dng thng hiu Hng truyn hnh cp Vit Nam ( VCTV)
Nm 2001: ra i c s Hi phng, TP HCM, Hi Dng
Thng 4/2002: SCTV tch ra khi VCTV
21/11/2003: trng im k thu*t truyn hnh cp Vit Nam ra i. M thm DV internet v* nhiu dch v khc.
1/11/2004: VCTV bt tay thc hin truyn hnh s v tinh DTH v* pht sng to*n quc
7/5/2013: Tng cng ty truyn hnh cp Vit Nam. Logo t VCTV sang VTVCab
n thi khc by gi, s lng cc knh ca truyn hnh cp vit nam ln n con s gn 100 knh. y l* th*nh qu v* s n lc khng ngng ngh ca i ng t chc trong 20 nm qua.

T kha: c*i t cp quang viettel qung ngi
2002 Mazda Protege 5
I'm interested in the bit above the glove box that houses the passenger air vent. My p5 came with a little wound in it.
02 protege5 ES 5dr
I am interested in your swaybars with end links. As long as they don't come with spam. Don't care for spam. Heh.

But serious about the swaybars. PM me perhaps?
2003 P5
I had a guy come and pick up the front bumper, fenders and hood, so its no longer available im sorry

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