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Part Out 1990 RX7 Convertible -Sapphire blue-

1990 RX7 Vert
Whats up guys, Ive snatched up a 1990 RX7 S5 Convertible from the junk yard for some parts, and now im parting the car out completely.
What you see in the pics is what is left on the car, if you want something just email or PM me and ill get it to you as cheaply as possible. This car is actually in pretty good condition, the paint looks good, and most of the body panels and interior are in one piece. My email is Jedwardsvr6@yahoo.com. Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees.

Let me know what you guys need!
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Crusty Sailor
HIS: 2005 RX-8 WWP GT 6MT* HERS: 2006 Speed6 BCM 6MT**
Welcome. I need you to have a look at the FS rules and repost your pics with the required signage. These rules are in place to protect both buyers and sellers here.


I will leave this thread open for now, but it will be closed if there is no effort to add the required pictures. Feel free to send me or any of the other section mods a PM if you have any questions.



Crusty Sailor
HIS: 2005 RX-8 WWP GT 6MT* HERS: 2006 Speed6 BCM 6MT**
Thanks for the update. Feel free to add you E-mail address again. GLWS
83 Mazda Rx-7 Turbo
Do you still have parts for this? I'm looking for a s5 na lower intake manifold with unseized actuator rods and an EOMP.

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