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MS FS: PAR 1-4 Gear set, Garrett GT3071R, Haltech F10A, Speedcircuit Stage 1 Head


New Caney TX
Time has come to part ways with my Baby and Daily driver of 17yrs. After just putting in the new turbo setup and getting ready to do some tuning, the engine started stumbling during downshifts which unfortunately turned out to be a worn thrust washer that slightly scared the crankshaft surface. I no longer work 1.5 miles down the road so a FWD racecar for a daily is no longer an option.

Paypal & email: p5tshane@yahoo.com
PM or email for faster reply

Haltech F10A with Datalogging all sensors and a 3 Bar Map Sensor (up to 29psi. Several Maps loaded for 3 bar with 285cc/565cc/635cc/750cc Injectors and still maybe a few from the 2 bar map (up to 14.5psi)
$450 + Shipping SOLD

Speedcircuit Stage 1 Cylinder Head
$500 + Shipping

ARP Head Studs Torques Once
$70+ Shipping SOLD

Garrett GT3071R Dual Ball Bearing T25 Turbo W/ Internal Wastegate
Turbine 56.5mm w/ 84 Trim .64 A/R Housing
Compressor 71mm 56 trim .50 A/R 3" Anti-surge Housing
Hasn't seen past 10psi (Ran low boost until I rebuilt my Transmission before my motor died and I gave up)
8-10psi WGA, Coolant, Oil feed and return lines included
Cold air Intake w/ ATP filter thrown in for free. Setup for a reverse cowl hood but can be cut and resprayed with bbq flat black. Must relocate coolant overflow.
$900+ Shipping

PAR Engineering 1-4 Straightcut Synchromesh Gearset W/ PAR Input Shaft
OEM Output Shaft Machined and Selector Hubs Machined for Needle Roller Bearings & Double Synchros
1-3 are double synchro & 4th is single synchro. Extra double synchro included
Excellent Condition
All new bearings & Shiftforks (I may be missing 1 bearing)
No additional machining needed (drop in & shim)
Gear Ratios:
1st- 3.11
2nd- 1.83
3rd- 1.24
4th- .90
4th Pinion Gear has had a couple small imperfections since new that I in return contacted PAR showing them pictures with my concerns and they assured me they were fine... I tried to zoom in on these in the last pics but as PAR had assured me, this has had no impact on anything any everything runs as smooth as butter!
Final Drive is same as OEM 4.11
$2500+ Shipping (New cost $4100)

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2002 Mazda Protege5
What’s the benefits of the stage1 head? Also do you have a reverse cowl hood I saw you mentioned that


New Caney TX
Here are the specs from the website... but when i purchased it came with a 3 angle valve job instead of 5 and was $1299 so this is an amazing deal...
Stage 1 includes:
-Special five angle valve job
-Bowl work to blend the stock machine cuts into a larger bowl
-Sandblast clean
-Valve lash set
-Pressure test to ensure no leaks
Im keeping the hood... its definately seen better days.


New Caney TX
Bump!! Someone needs this gearset and turbo... make me some reasonable offers... also if sold i will order you brand new 4th pinion gear. PAR has these in stock and can ship right away. After staring at the zoomed in pics I'd hate for anyone to have an issue.

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