2016~2021 P0401

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If your car doesn't have any symptoms with CEL P0401 then very likely refer to the tsb that I have attached. The update of pcm is covered under fed emission warranty.

I have 58k on the clock so I'm still within the powertrain and fed emission warranty. And since it's software issue, I have no choice but to take the car in. I dread going to dealership because of the incompetent and unknowledgeable service reps aka sleazy service sales. I was told they took care of the P0401 pcm update under powertrain which was cutting it at 58k. I then asked if it should have been under fed emission since it was emission related item. I was told if I bought it in after 60k then I would pay out of pocket $160 diagnostic fee + half hour of service charge. I thanked him and left. I then looked at the complimentary inspection and found I still have 6mm of material on all my brake pads. 58k on the clock with 6mm on my original rear pads? I don't think so. Sorry just needed to vent a bit of my stellar dealership service experience.


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Did you noticed that the tsb says to clear and update the ids before programming? I thought that this wasn't a ford vehicle. This system is used for ford so I guess that there is some ford in this cx-9.
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Mazda is transitioning to their own diagnostic software starting with the 3 and the Cx-30. Everything else is still using IDS.
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I've had that happen to me recently in my '17 CX-9 with 36K miles, CEL was on but no performance issues. Took it in to the Mazda dealer. They told me this is a software issue (PCM) and they updated the software under emission warranty. All this took less than 30 mins and I'm good to go...The CEL light has not been back on since.