P0171 error code

Hello everyone,,
Not long ago I was noticing a rough idle at a stop on my ‘16.5 GT. Idiot me thought the battery might be going since it seemed to stop after running for a while.
Well, today the check engine light came on and a quick scan revealed the P0171 code ‘system too lean’ - a quick google and I discover that a rough idle is one of the most common symptoms so it would seem this is all related mobdro bluehost kodi.
Further investigation leads me to believe that this is a fairly common error code on the CX-5 and so I’m wondering if anyone else here has run into this code and what the issue wound up being. TIA.
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2008.5 MGM MS3
2008.5 MS3
First thing to check would be the MAFS sensor, remove and clean it, there are several videos on youtube you can watch.


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Sometimes this happens when the environment changes drastically enough to cause the learned fuel trims to be out of spec. I have this happen driving across country simply by getting to a hot and high environment. You can check basic stuff such as filter/maf as good practice, but I'd unplug the battery to reset the long/short term fuel trims