P0106 MAP/Barometric Pressure Sensor

02 Protege LX, 03 P5 (x2), 09 Miata, 07 Mazda3, 13 Fit, 09 Ody
So, just got a CEL with a P0106. No other codes. This is on my LX with 323k miles.

1) how bad is it to drive the car without fixing it? e.g. can I continue to drive it for a few hundred miles while I sort out the issue?

2) From the manual, it could be...
EGR boost sensor
EGR boost sensor solenoid
EGR Boost sensor solenoid air filter
related vacuum lines
Is there anything else it could be?

3) What is the location of the EGR boost sensor and the boost sensor solenoid? Pic?

02 Protege LX, 03 P5 (x2), 09 Miata, 07 Mazda3, 13 Fit, 09 Ody
Are these the EGR boost sensor and EGR boost sensor solenoid ?
02 Protege LX, 03 P5 (x2), 09 Miata, 07 Mazda3, 13 Fit, 09 Ody
Ok, so I switched those two parts out of my LX and into my yellow P5.

Cleared codes on LX, Did drive mode 1 - not all IMS Monitors checked. But no codes yet either.

Did drive mode 1 on Yellow P5 - No codes yet.

So, I'll see if the codes follow the parts or stay with the car.

FYI - here is a tidbit. When reconnecting those plastic electrical connectors that were so hard to get off... smear some dielectric grease on them. Should be easier to remove next time, plus it will help keep moisture out.


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I just found this thread.
I've gotta figure out how to follow this forum??

That all sounds right to me.

It's probably your solenoid valve. They crap out over time.
Same as the VICS, VTCS, PRC solenoid valves

My fuel pressure regulator solenoid valve did the same thing.
I disconnected it, put power to it and it clicked? Did it again and it clicked? Then I touched power to really fast about 20 times, then it stopped clicking.

They can fail intermittently so it could take a while for the code to show up again.

Your valve appears to be the exact same valve as the other solenoid valves. (some are slightly different)