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Own a Mazda MX-6? Post Your Pics!


hello... I have been lurking around these forums for some time now and found it very helpful in all things mazda. I guess by reading the threads on here helped me make my car the way it is now... here are some pics... hope you like how it looks... opinions and criticism is greatly appreciated and taken into account... thank you again mazdas247.com
Happy to know you've had such a positive experience on Mazdas247 and thanks for joining and telling us about your Mazda! (2thumbs)

Car looks pretty clean! Mods? Personally I would lower it and mold the rear bumper pieces..
I hear ya...I was thinking the same thing...:)

Thank you... I am currently waiting on some yonaka coilovers to come in. As for the mods, nothing to extreme... 2nd Straight neck KlZE, Pacesetter headers, APEXi WS2 exhaust, weapon R secret weapon intake, and centerforce street series clutch (real centerforce, not the one seen on ebay)
Cool...Be sure to keep us updated and if you haven't already...You might want to start your own Project / Build thread.
2007 Mazdaspeed 6 GT Black Mica
I just binged through this entire thread. Seriously considering picking up a local MX-6 as a DD.
1995 Mazda Mx-6

WIP: got goodies on the way. coils, paint, front lip, subs, and maybe more simple bolt ons but nothing special for my dd with 167k and counting....


(-) Zoom-Zombie
'94 626 2.0L MTX + '94 MX-6 LS V6 MTX !_!
"gimme some moe"

Lip and chin spoiler, lol!

Mazda MX-Sex

You guys been missing out lol ;)

some updated vids:

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95 Probe GT
A picture of my Probe GT from last year some time before the axles were replaced. That was a difficult one. I want to at least get some lowering springs, would like some Tokico Blues and some K-Sport springs. I'm going to keep the wheels for now, and maybe do a plasti dip job on the car for now.


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2018.5 CX-9 AWD GT
I had a 1989 MX-6 GT ( black/gray/auto) and it was a great car. I had it for about 6 years and probably 90k miles and it was perfect with no problems. Pretty quick car with great gas mileage. I've had 4 other Mazda's mostly as a result of having that car when I was young..

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