Ok so I painted the wheel cladding

Even if the paint isn't a perfect match, I do like it more than the bare cladding.
LIke I said, it's dependent on the incident light. I guess the pearl paint is a b**** to match on plastic . The pearl on the cladding glistens just like the pearl on the metal..Base ,pearl and clear... Done at a Hot Rod custom body shop. Their paint work is flawless... Well at least to me...YMMV I'm ok with the results..
Austin Tx.
2020 CX-30/MX-5
Maybe it's just me, but does it look like to anyone else that the wheels/tires are too small for the wheel openings? The rear wheel cavity especially looks like it should be a lot more filled in.
Every picture I've seen of the CX-30 looks like it has undersized tires.
Here is a link to a before and after of a gray CX-30 with H&R springs. https://www.cx30talk.com/threads/lowering-springs.395/#post-6577

I think lowering this white one would look better. My wife gave me the go ahead to get them for her gray CX-30 after I showed her the pictures.

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