Oil Leak Identified but I can't fix?

2008 Mazda CX 7
After getting an oil change about a year ago I noticed an oil leak. I took it back to the oil change place and they said it was coming from the oil pressure sensor. I bought a new one and had them replace it. Problem slowed but not solved. I did some research and decided it was the oil filter housing gasket. I replaced it (definitely worn down), but noticed oil coming out of the oil pressure sensor. I tightened the sensor all the way and it got worse. When returned to slightly more than hand tight, the leak was the slowest. I tried putting some thread paste, but this didn't do anything. I bought a new oil pressure sensor which turned out to be slightly shorter than the one that was in there.

The leak is still coming out of the oil pressure sensor. (bang)

Any ideas?

Would a spin-on oil filter conversion fix this issue?

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