Oil Leak - 2009 CX9

2014 Ford Explorer Sport, 2009 CX9(Wife's)
My wife's 09 CX9 has an oil leak and it appears to be coming somewhere above the oil filter, but below exhaust header. It's hard to tell exactly where because there's a light film all over under the engine, which I think is happening due to air flow @ highway speeds.

She's up around 185k miles now (owned is since ~25k miles).

It might be coming from the oil cooler, but difficult to tell. The bottom of the cooler has oil on it, so I think it might be coming from there.

Here's an example of the cooler, which is just above the filter.

Thoughts? How difficult is it to replace the oil cooler?
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2014 Ford Explorer Sport, 2009 CX9(Wife's)
Cool, thanks for the response. I'll check into that.
I have to see if I can pinpoint the leak.
I tried wiping everything down and just running the engine in the garage for a minute, but nothing showed up. After driving it around for a while, the oil shows up, but spreads so much, it's difficult to find the leak.