Oil drain plug flew out on highway

Dallas, TX
2003 Protege5
So I found coolant leaking from my new engine the other day. Took a while to track it down, but finally found it coming from a coolant hose reducer (?) thingy. After taking the car back to the shop, the manager told me the JDM engine in my car doesn't have an EGR valve, so they had to use that reducer (and I assume some adhesive). Since that wasn't working, they removed the reducer and spring hose clamp and just used a worm gear (screw-type) hose clamp with the original hose. That seems to be working. Still, I'll carry some extra clamps and coolant with me.

In the second picture, the hose reducer has a red dot on it.

coolant leak.jpg

coolant hose reducer and clamp.jpg