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Off topic question about emissions


08 CX-9 GT FWD
Sorry in advance to post this here, I figured Mazda 3 folks might be more technically inclined than CX-9 folks, who didn't have an answer for me.
I'm looking for a specific answer here...
What impact if any does low emissions/ultra low emissions/zero emissions catalyst (California emissions standards) have on available power to the wheels, compared to a vehicle with federal emissions, and no low emissions catalyst installed.
I'm looking at buying a newer Mazda and willing to travel out of state to buy one without low emissions, but to make it worth my while, I'm trying to confirm the actual affects on horsepower. If it is negligible, it may not be worth buying out of state just for that reason. Very limited information on this topic is available.
Thanks for any knowledge, and sorry again for posting here, but cx-9 folks have no idea.


Responded to your CX-9 thread and people did try to answer your question but yes, we don't have a concrete answer yet. I did a bit of searching and have yet to find specific numbers as well.

As I mentioned in your other thread, I would contact Mazda USA and Dealers directly because no one is going to know better than Mazda themselves on this specific topic.

If you do find an answer, please let us know, thanks and good luck!

Also, if anyone has any light they can shed on this, please post!

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