OEM Battery CCA Rating

CX-5 Signature
Can someone tell me what the CCA rating is on the original battery for a 2019 CX-5 Signature (G 2.5T engine)? It's usually listed on the battery itself, but mine is all Japanese characters with the exception of the model number - 55D23L-MF
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Some new information I found.
55D23L-MF is the JIS specs (japanese standart) of the battery.
The MF seems to correspond to aprox. 480 cca. Without MF is even lower.

And that explains why I feel starting the car a bit sluggish vs my previous car which had 650cca. Seems japanese cars with those type of batteries panasonic (found also on subarus and some lexus) come with lower CCA.

i also tested today my almost 2 years old battery and it comes to 440cca (degraded a bit in the 2 year life) + I noticed the level was low and had to add some distilled water. Those batteries can be serviced as the do have caps. This may prolong life a bit if water escapes especially in hot climates.
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The Duralast Gold Group 35 battery we got at Autozone touts 640 CCA. The CX-5 likes it.