Now I know what I've been missing...


08 Mazdaspeed 3
welcome, im sure you'll find alot of good information between this and other forums of the sort. as for the blown motors lately one of the consenses is that the car has too much low RPM torque for the rods to handle, and thats 95% of the time when people blow it. a peice of advice i have for you, even as stock, is to keep off the gas as much as possible below 3k to help prolong the life of the motor. also get a Dashhawk of some sort and keep an eye on fuel pressure, Always.
09 MS3 GT
Just wanted to update this thread and say even after 3 years of ownership, it's still brings grins to drive it. This is the longest I've owned any car in my life, usually I dump the car after 2 years, so it says a lot about ms3 in general. There is still nothing on the market right now that would tempt me to change, maybe a BRZ turbo if that came out.

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