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No Instrument cluster diagnostic lights

2003 Mazda 6 3.0L V6
When I turn the key to start the car I don't get any of the diagnostic lights.
I didn't realize it until after I bought the car.
Everything seems to run alright. I checked all the fuses under the steering wheel and under the hood, nothing blown there...

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2004 Mazda 6 Sport Wagon
This is an old yes, I get it, bit I had this problem when I bought mine. Turned out that the previous owner put a piece of electrical tape behind the cluster, blocking. The LED's from showing.
There is a little red dot under your tachometer, which should be the seat belt light, which makes me think that you have the same problem I did.

I ended up pulling the gauge cluster out (not hard, disconnect the rubber piece in the top rear of the steering colum, 2 Phillips screws in the plastic trim piece surrounding it, 4 screws holding the cluster in, and disconnect the wire harness)

Once removed, take the cluster apart (I'm sure there are instructions on this forum, or Google).

Check to see if there is anything behold the gauges.

When I removed the tape, I had all the lights back (engine, battery, oil pressure, seat belt).

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