NewP5 Owner. Saying Hello!

Strange thing I noticed today.

I feel pulsations during breaking even though all 4 rotors and brakes were removed. I went to America's tire and have them double check the balance and the lug nuts were installed correctly. They say they didn't find any issues.

The last major thing I on the car was having the rear rotors installed. I don't recall feeling any pulsation right after i installed it....

Any ideas of what it could be?

thanks in advance.


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Maybe slider pins need lubing on the calipers? Those things cause me so much trouble when they've dried out on me in the past.


The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
Make sure you install the lug nuts just hand tight in the proper order (every second lug nut, going in a circle).
Then go around a second time to torque them up.

The lug nuts are tapered and the rotor may not seat square if you don't snug them by hand first.

Maybe clean them with brake cleaner in case some grease or oil got on them.
It is very possible that the folks at america's tire didn't follow this technique. I'll try this before checking the slider pins.

Thank you everybody. Happy friday!
Update. Reinstalled the tires and still feel the pulsation in the rear brakes while braking. Next step will be trying to see if the sliding pins needs more lube.

Any additional tips would be greatly appreciated as always.