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Hi all. Just picked up my first Mazda I’ve ever owned for my wife. It’s a 2016 Cx-5 GT.
After we got it we realized the features that are standard in other fairly loaded vehicles are not included in this one.
For instance no siriusxm module was installed obviously as it’s greyed out in the list, no android auto or Apple play so no option for text reply in the infotainment system outside of the premade replies, and we also discovered the navigation has never been updated.

With these features missing, and me being Mazda dumb, is changing out the head unit a better option to get all these features we’re looking to have?
Can one still retain the center console and steering wheel controls with an aftermarket?

Or is there updates and modules and what not we can add to make the factory system work how we want?
2016.5 CX-5 GT AWD titanium/black 2016 Miata Club ST MT white
Do some reading on this site. All of the things that you're asking about can be done after updating the infotainment firmware. Except for the XM, if that needs a module to work then it needs a module to work.

After the firmware is updated Android Auto and/or Car Play can be installed.

Again, do some reading here.


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Find the version number of your software. Report back.
So you don't have the GT then?

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