2017~2021 New springs delayed drop and off-spec caster

Installed Eibach Pro-Kit springs (E10-55-021-02-22) on my GTR over the weekend. Love 'em! Looks fantastic and handles so much better. Heading out to work Monday, I'd forgotten about the springs; But at the first stop sign it was like "woah! no dive!" On the long sweeping turns in my commute, at speeds where the body used to kinda float around leaned over it now feels much more composed. I'm loving driving this f'ing car so much now!

In other vehicles, I've had seriously uneven wear on the borderline of spec camber. So I purchased SPC 81280 EX Cam bolts for the front, and Megan CX5 12-16 - MRS-MZ-1689 camber arms for the rear. Someone said the general procedure in
would work, but I guess that was for FWD. Once I got in there, I couldn't see any way to remove the stock upper control arm without dropping the subframe, which I didn't want to get into yet. I'm planning to get sway bars eventually, I'll have to install the camber arms then.

Weird thing was, once I had the springs installed and lowered the car back onto its wheels, I couldn't notice any drop. I tripple checked all the spings were fully seated down into their gooves and butted up against the stop in their seats. I checked everything at the tops looked seated and compressed. But all 4 corners looked stock height. As soon as I backed the car up a foot though, something fell into place and it dropped. Now it looks exactly as expected. No idea what it was that changed. I had loaded the rear control arms before torquing down the spindle bolt and endlink nut, and loaded the front front hubs before torquing down the two strut nuts and endlink nut. The three nuts atop the front struts are still snug against the strut tower. Anyone know what happened there?

Also, I was expecting the rear camber to be off (it's -2.2), but I didn't know I was going to be impacting caster. I just got an alignment and my caster is now out of spec (7.4 & 7.0). Is that a common consequence of lowering?

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I'm not sure what all you did on your install and having to back the car up to have things fall into place just doesn't sound good. I had the dealership install my Eibach Pro-Kit on my Signature and everything went back into spec when they did the alignment.

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