new small suv's with flash


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Now it would be a good time, to add the turbo motor in the CX5, it would be the most powerful in this segment.
I like the RAV4, Forester did not change enough for me.
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The new RAV4 from the out side looks like the hyundai Santa Fe and it is a sad development if Toyota is trying to follow Hyundai! The interior looks much better and the cabin is well laid out. Infotainment looks good too. The knob selector for drive mode and the 4 wheel drive with lock on is certainly a good thing.
Looking for flash? I'M looking for that, economy, and utility. Visited my local Jaguar dealer to look over an F-Pace. BEAUTIFUL looking car. Ended up there 'cause I'm in the market for something nicer than my '13 AWD CX-5, and my personal rule is next vehicle must always be more fuel efficient than the one I now have; and what I have is the original 2.0 engine which is darned fuel efficient for an AWD, but doesn'r so much accelerate as saunter. The F-Pace with the diesel engine is more efficient, nicer, and faster without giving away the handling I now have.

For utility, there are times when I need to carry stuff so long it rests on the top of the passenger-side dash. I can do this only by dropping the rear seat, removing the front head restraint, sliding the front seat fully forward and then doing a complete recline of the front seat-back. On the F-Pace the front seat neither fully reclines, nor is the head restraint removable. This truck doesn't work. When the employee came to realize this, he said a funny thing - "Have you considered using a roof rack?" (translation: If our vehicle is not compatible with your lifestyle, there's something amiss with your lifestyle.)



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I saw a Maserati Levante. I didn't know that was a thing. Had to look it up.
Starts @ $76,000. Looks like a big wagon.
Is there any brand that refuses to make an SUV? Oh yes there is one: Ferrari.



New rav 4 out and it is has exceptional lines on it. Others are implementing them and Mazda is taking it away. 2014 the CX-5 had looks above others easily. What is Mazda doing? Sad that a really fun to drive, better than the rest in class imo is going backwards. If they don't put the 2.5t in the CX-5 isn't going to keep selling.

I agree, the side view character lines are beautiful on pre 2017 CX5s. The side view lines of 2017 and up models no longer stand out from the crowd. Since sales are still increasing each month, it will be interesting to see what affect the new Rav or new 2019 Forester will have in the crowded playing field. Not a fan of the over the top angular styling Toyota stole from Cadillac, and predict that fad will end soon as people get tired picking dead bugs out of massive predator faced grills!
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All I can make of the recent exodus of performance-minded "value" crossovers is that those buyers have moved upmarket and are buying from ze Germans. It's a shame for those of use who want Japanese reliability and maintenance costs along with performance. As a few others have stated, the new Acura RDX is pretty appealing. It looks like the excellence of recent Honda designs is working it's way up into the Acura lineup.

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