New project (Not Mazda but clean)

Mazda P5
Bought it beginning of June. Had to clean it up, normal maintenance tires, oil, filters etc.
Started to do mods to make it "mine" and unique ish.
First couple pictures is of how it looked when purchased:

I changed out the grips first, the grips that were on there were all torn up because previous owner towed it down here with the straps on the grips which ripped them up.

Second was the front turn signals (first to come in the mail)

Then it was the levers

Pegs were third

Just did the rear signals, smaller than I thought they would be so I'm going to add turn signals into the empty brake sockets so I'll have two rear signals

More pics to come, just starting my endeavor with this. It's been a month and I have more ideas that I'm wanting to do.
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Mazda P5
Just did a tune-up, Royal purple 10w40, k&n oil filter, uni air filter, ngk iridium spark plugs, new scorpion battery​ and seafoam in the gas and oil. Fires right up everytime, bought new coils but they don't fit, having to return them so I can the right ones.
Next is brakes, pads/fluid and tires. Pirelli Diablo tires, and thinking of new rotors too. Bought chain cleaner, going to clean and tighten the chain. Going to take it to a shop to adjust the valves. (Don't have the room to fully work on it).