New (out of the package) Syvania SilverStar Low Beam Bulbs for 2002-2003 Protege

2002 Mazda Protege5
2- Syvania SilverStar Ultra low beam bulbs

I have a 2002 protege5 and I bought the wrong bulbs. I bought the bulbs for the Protege. I removed it from the packaging and threw it away, so I can't take it back. It is brand NEW. The cost me $55 but i will sell them for half. I am asking $25 plus shipping for the pair.

Again, they are brand NEW.

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2003 Protege5 | Black>Yellow
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02 protege5
Original box included, what is the part number?
he states in the first post he threw the box away that is why he cannot return them. they are for the protege sedan and he has a protege5.. if u look at the receipt u see the part number is 9003 same as the h4