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New OEM side engine mount (passenger side) no threads in the top bracket hole

Pootie Tang

My original mount had a threaded hole at the top that connected a black steel bracket to the engine. My new dealer sourced, OEM Mazda mount didn't have this hole threaded so I could not install the top bracket. I didn't find any TSB's on the topic. None of the new mount photos I can find online (a lot), have hole threaded- its just a cast hole. I suspect it is an assembly item and not needed afterwards. Nonetheless, I am planning on threading the hole and reinstalling the bracket later today. Anyone have any insight on this?
Just came across this same situation changing the top passenger motor mount on my 2008 CX9 with an OEM Mazda mount (part number TD84-39-06Y). Old mount had a threaded hole for the black bracket, new mount only has a non-threaded cast hole.

I'm guessing Mazda figured this mounting bracket was no longer necessary, but sure would be nice to know for sure. Anyone know about this?

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