New Motor Trend Review Signature CX-5

2019 Signature CX-5 Black Mica
Never thought I*d like it but amazing how intuitive the dial, and the entire control section there, is. This old retired guy adapted to it easily with no need to look!
Agreed! My wife who doesn't adapt to technology very well found this system very easy to use. Took her no time at all to get used to it... I still want to touch the screen...LOL
2019 CX-5 Signature
For those of you who understand French and can view in your area, here's a review/road test from a Qubec TV station program called "RPM":

They are not very tender but, in the end, still recommend the cx-5. I tend to agree with their comments. Note that they apply the same level of criticism to all the cars they review (for example, look at the rav4 hybrid review).

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That article fails to mention how soulless the CVT transmission is, and how downright boring the CRV is to drive. I've been a Honda fanboy since '89, and when I needed a new vehicle, my initial impulse was to get another CRV. It sucked, big time. I am really disappointed that Honda went CVT and 1.5 liter twin turbo ... NOT a good combination. The CX-5 is a complete 180. I got the GT (non-turbo), but even so, it is a lot of fun to drive. Mazda seems to understand that driving an SUV doesn't have to be dull, while Honda has moved toward making driving a new, miserable experience.