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Hello everyone. I'm Daniel and I've decided to join the community because I'm officially a Mazda owner. I was able to acquire a Mazda CX-3 recently as my new daily ride for work. Anyway, this is a great forum you got here.

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Hey, jdaniel.

I bought my first Mazda (CX-5) less than a year ago, and relied on this site as a big part of my research.

Lots to learn here...


Welcome and thanks for the kind words, @jdaniel92

Welcome to Mazda Ownership and the CX-3 as well...Love the CX-3, especially with a few sporty touches like larger wheels and a lower stance.


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Thanks for joining, @jdaniel92. If you have any questions, feel free to ask - we're a helpful bunch :)
Thanks everyone for the kind welcome. I just replaced my stock tires with a set of toyo tires, it took a while but I've decided to use an all-weather tire and I'm satisfied with it.
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