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New Mazda5 owner! Couldn't be happier!


Save the Manuals!
2010 Mazda5
Cleared the code, and it hasn't returned... I guess it was just a phantom code.

Looks awesome. Congratulations!
May you enjoy it for many years to come.
Thank you! We plan to!

Great cars! Is yours a manual? I'd love to drive one with a stick.
Sadly not. That would be a lot of fun! I'm a diehard 3-pedal enthusiast, but my wife can't drive stick, so we opted for an auto. It's not a bad one, as far as they go...
Mazda 5
Good to see your 5 is still bringing you Joy! Had a '07 Sport w/ sunroof I purchased in 2013 and had till early 2018. Me and the family loved it even though the previous owner took poor very poor care of it. Sadly, some insulation behind the motor fell on the exhaust pipe, caught fire, burning the evap canister line (for those who don't know, it takes gas fumes from the tank and cycles it to the motor. Never knew these existed till this happened -_-). Canister was in full burn when I got to it and somehow put it out with half a cup of Baja Blast through a straw. Late 2018 we found a '12 model. I think it's a touring. Now the wife wants it if I find a Miata or a shell of one I can build up, but I miss the sunroof 😆.


2012 Mazda 5
First check engine light yesterday! Just over 52K in. P0139. Looks like I may be replacing an O2 sensor...
Assuming it comes back on after you reset it it’s a pretty easy fix. Did this on my sister’s ‘08 Mz5 last summer. Ordered the part from Rockauto, rented (core fee) the socket from local parts store. Put some PB blaster on the sensor a day before I went to do the job, and it came right off when I stuck the socket on it. Aside from the pre-lubing the whole process was less than 5 minutes.


2009 Mazda 5 GT - 5-speed MT
Beautiful car! As a 2nd-gen 5, it's equipped with a 6-speed, correct? I covet ...

Hey, one thing to be aware of ... the 5 is not rated to tow, although I did add a towbar (hitch) solely for the purpose of hauling our bikes around. Class 1 (1-1/4") is the only hitch available. We have a Thule 4-bike carrier, and they specifically say to not load it up with four bikes when the carrier is used with a Class 1 hitch. Oh oh!

My workaround was to add a ratcheting tie-down strap to take most of the tongue weight off the hitch. Worked well for us.

PdB 2013 05 22 271 - Copy.jpg

PdB 2013 05 22 272 - Copy.jpg

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