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Hi there everyone. I was just recently introduced to the forum so I thought I might as well say hello to everyone. I have a 2004 Mazda3 i sedan with about 70k miles on it. Since I bought it from my sister a month ago I have loved it! It gets great MPG and runs very well. I have done a few generic mods to it. Such as a black open mouth grille, black eyelids, and I painted the stockies black. The pictures I have on the computer only show the eyelids and the wheels. I'll take some more recent ones soon. I hope to utilize this website as much as I can and I hope to get plenty of help when it comes to engine mods (I'm pretty new to that kind of stuff).

Also, if any of these members are from the ST Louis area then contact me on here. I'm looking for a mazda group or club around my area.


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