New infotainment system for 2021 Mazda CX-9

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Hi Everyone,

Maybe good news from Japan:

According to a Japanese blog mazda will introduce a new infotainment system of 10.25" for the 2021 Mazda CX-9 for the most expensive versions can be signature and gt . The rest will keep the old infotainment system.New wireless charging will be introduce for 2021.


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Just me, but, it seems more expensive to produce a vehicle with two different info systems, as opposed to standardizing and manufacturing every vehicle with the same system.
It's a more complicated production line process as well as increased cost. Oh well.
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I'm shopping for a 20/21 now. Anyone have experience with each system? Worth it to buy the 21?
The 2021 I have - the new interface is much better, and the graphics are improved. Audio wise , it's the same Bose system. For XM radio, you now get 3 years of XM Traffic and Weather. The Nav graphics are also improved but the routing is still meh compared to Google Maps or Waze. I've been using Android Auto mostly, and I like it much better - I only wish AA was wireless instead of plugging in my phone.

The resolution of the screen really shines when you use the 360 camera for reversing and all around sensors. Very clear during day, and pretty good at night. There are 3 different modes for Reversing, and what I really like is that if I'm driving towards a car or wall, the front camera immediately turns on and the parking sensors start beeping to warn me of the obstacles.

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