New Guy Here

Hello, I've known about these forums for a while but I've finally decided to make an account for myself. I guess I should start by saying that I currently own two MSP's an 03 and an 03.5. I bought the 03, which is number 638, Black Mica, if I'm not mistaken, a few months ago from a guy in Houston. I don't know anything about the history of the car, and I don't know what number owner the guy was, just that he butchered the thing in my opinion. The front bumper is cracked in multiple places, he replaced the hood with a carbon fiber one, but apparently was washed with dish soap frequently? The rear bumper's clear coat is peeling. I'm sure there's more but my point is that it's in rough shape. It does have a built motor, welded diff (apparently), and a full 4in vibrant exhaust (Some others goodies as well). It runs and drives just doesn't look the part.
The 03.5 I own is number 2155, sunlight silver metallic. My father bought it back in 2012, it was his daily but the motor blew and long story short it's been sitting ever since. It was supposed to be my first car and I'm going to try and make it run and drive once more. The body and paint is in almost perfect shape, about 74k miles on the body, just no motor. I have a plan to swap the motor and other parts from 638 to 2155 and have it become my daily, I just wanted to post this in order to keep track of my progress and maybe get answers to questions I might have along the way. I don't have much time, or resources, as I am fresh out of highschool and trying to start my career, so anything that could possibly help me with upcoming problems is gratefully appreciated. Hope this wasn't too boring for anyone, and thanks again.