New CX-9 Signature, ambient lighting issue

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Really? Thanks for the info. Had a feeling it was not available ..i guess you gain something and lose something..
I agree and manufacturers do that all the time (delete/add features). Just like the new 10.25” infotainment screen with Mazda Connect 2.0 which is new for 2021 in the US but sadly still not available here in Canada. We seem to be always behind in getting newer tech compared to other markets but I also understand since Cda is a smaller market in the grand scheme of things
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I guess we’re out of luck @SLCX9 . But if you’re interested, there are lots of aftermarket options with USB LEDs. I’ve placed a few of these around in other cars and they work great for lighting up dark areas. Use red to preserve night vision.
Yes seems that way, would be nice to have it.
Yes seems that way lol, good thing I didn't waste time driving to the dealership for nothing, they were gonna check it out..Guess they're not sure it was not equipped.


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A lot of the time, the salespeople and service advisors simply aren't aware of the "smaller" MY changes that might be made to a vehicle. That's why I'm glad forums with helpful communities like these exist. :)