Need info on upgrading MSP turbo, exhaust manifold and down pipe

Hey guys, so I'm currently swapping the engine on a MSP, I found some hack jobs on the car. Found the exhaust manifold was custom made but poor quality, they had to use like 10 gaskets to be available to center the exhaust pipe holes, harness is so messed up that I'll have to get it fix, turbo has so much play, the exhaust system was a bunch of cut back home pipes that were rubbing on components around the car. I'm mainly asking for upgradable parts instead of oem, websites where I can find parts, not really looking to buy from ebay or amazon...Thanks in advance.
Mazda Protege5
It depends what you are looking for. has really good performance radiators. Summitracing has parts for our car. Corksport is good for a few things they have left for the Protege. Amazon is good for tires, kuhmo performance tires are 73/83 each. Street_unit is another site. But for some reason this website blocks that page name...So maybe they had bad history? That is why I had to put the underscore.


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