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Need help! Steering Wheel Controls/2012 Model with Key 1 and Key 2

Mazda 3 2012 GX
Hi everyone,

Ive been trying to find a solution to my problem online for the past 3 days and not much luck.
I just bought an aftermarket android radio which works fine and gives me access to CarPlay.
There are two issues that I know I may be able to fix, I just need some guidance!

For the SWC, only the volume buttons and the seek buttons work for now. The seek buttons barely work...
The headunit came with a CAN-BUS adapter which is connected.
The cable provided has a Key 1 and Key 2 cable but I have no idea where to connect them. It seems that their endings are already on the ISO port converter so I think I have to connect them in the main set of wires from the car, but dont know where.

I think my tweeters stopped working. The music is missing its mids and highs. I wonder if it would be just easier to connect new tweeters on feet on the top dash.

Thanks for your help! Its really appreciated!


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