Need buying advice

Hi all, hope everyone is well, newbie here after some advice from the experts, I’m in the market for a Mazda2 07-14. Which version would you recommend and why?

Any advice on what I should look out for when buying?

Any common faults that I should be weary of?

What is the service schedule for changing the timing belt?

Also on the diesel, are they fitted with a DPF? Is this a serviceable part? Or does it have to be ‘cleaned?’ and if so how? I’ll only really be interested in anything with FSH, mileage doesn’t worry me with a diesel but should it worry me with the petrol engine? (Thoughts?)

Does anyone him a link to the trim levels? I’ve seen TS, TS2, Tamura and sport but can’t seem to find any breakdown on each one. Any advice, guidance and nuggets of information you have will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.