Nav system orientation issue...Help!

So admittedly I use the built in CarPlay a lot. But sometimes it’s nice when I’m driving home to use the inbuilt Nav with the HUD directions to get around traffic etc

Brand new 2021 with barely 1500km on it.
Recently noticed that the nav orientation won’t change. On 2D, 2D N, 3D - north is always up no matter what and the screen won’t rotate with the car when you drive around.

Did a system reset last night which fixed it (but then had to out in all my settings again). Worked on the way home today and then midway I decided to use CarPlay instead.
Just got into the car again and boom, not working again...!

I don’t want to keep having to reset this everytime. First dealer service is tomorrow (first month service free) so I can bring it up but from other forums it seems like something they’ve been palming off...