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Nasty metal-on-glass SNAP sound on lowering driver's window

Just bought a 2010 Mazda5, basic transportation for my 20yo. After buying, discovered the driver's window has something going on - lower the window all the way, and as it reaches bottom, there's a nasty SNAP sound inside the door, sounds like something metal slapping glass. I'll try the reset procedure but I suspect it will just "learn" the bottom position just below where the snap occurs. Any other ideas?

It's been nearly 25 years since I last pulled the door skin off a Mazda - any tips/tricks that I've forgotten, or anything specific to the 5?


'16.5 Mazda CX-5 Touring
Is it possible that aftermarket door speakers were installed, and window is hitting the speaker.

Perhaps you could lower the window while placing hand on the speaker grill and see if thump/snap is isolated to that area?
Well... there's a long-standing tradition among the men in my family. When something is broken, we'll carefully take it apart, find absolutely nothing wrong, put it back together again, and it works perfectly. That seems to be what has happened here.

I took the door skin off, pulled the speaker out - stock, no evidence it was interfering with the window - and peeking in through the speaker hole, ran the window all the way down and up probably 15 times with no problem. Put the speaker back in, tried again, still good. Put the skin back on the door, tried again, still good, no noise. I have NO IDEA.

Incidentally, virtually all of the plastic plugs holding the skin to the door broke. AutoZone didn't have any of the exact match for Mazda, but did have nearly identical ones for Nissan, 4 for $4, that worked perfectly. Amazon has a pack of 30, identical for Mazda, for $7.
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