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N2MB WOT Box Issues

I just installed the N2MB WOT Box on my MSP and have encountered a few issues. The troubleshooting/testing procedures say with the engine off, but key in on position; to floor the throttle, and the wotbox should flash rapidly. Okay, it does that, but then; with the throttle still floored, depress the clutch pedal and the light on the wot box should go out temporarily, come back on solid, then continue blinking. My box does that, but when I release the clutch.

Furthermore, when testing 2-step; floor clutch, then floor throttle and the rev limiter should activate at the programmed RPM. I've tried setting the limiter to multiple different RPM settings, and still, nothing.

Car starts up and idles fine, but when driving, normally in third gear, if I floor the throttle to do a pull, then engine shuts off, but because the key is still in "on," the RPMs just drop slowly unless I put the trans in neutral. It then takes a little bit for the car to start, going from a no crank, to a crank no start, to starting right up.

Also, when testing no-lift-shifting, I'll floor to almost redlines in second, keep foot planted, clutch in, the car revs to the regular limiter, and when I go to the next gear, the RPMs immediately drop to 3k and the shift feels extremely rough.

I'm thinking something's up with the signal from the clutch position sensor, but the big problem is that I installed everything accordingly and checked multiple times, soldering all the splices, and still the issues persist.

PLEASE this installation killed my body lol
Issue fixed. The help line I e-mailed told me to plug the wot box into a laptop and use the programming software to set the clutch position to "Inverted" and rpm source to fuel

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