2007~2015 Mystery Noise...Help

I have a 2010 CX-9 FWD and can hear a grinding/ chirping noise from the front end when going below 25mph. It goes away above that speed or when accelerating below 25mph, but returns as soon as I let off the gas. Initial thoughts were brakes worn as It sounds a lot like a brake rotor rubbing on the pads after a new brake job, but the brakes and rotors were recently changed. One shop did replace the left front CV axle ( despite lack of clicking and popping sound) and it went away briefly but is now back. When I put it on a lift and manually spin the wheels, it sounds like it comes from where the Intermediate axle extension meets the transaxle. Has anyone else had an issue like this? The vehicle has 152,000 miles on it and never had an issue with the transmission before.